1993 Toyota 4 runner wont start?

So my 1993 toyota 4runner has been running rough for a couple days. Drove it yesterday and noticed it was overheating. Turned it off and had it towed home. I filled it up with coolant (it had all leaked out) and checked the rest of the fluids (No water in the oil). But now it Wont start it just cranks and barely fires. What may be the issue and what should I check.

Any help would be great. Thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    really, you need to determine how you lost all that coolant first. prolly point to the cause of the issue.


    me thinks you should suspect the worst.

    pull plugs and see if they are fouled. prolly water foul. despite no water in oil. that would point to a water jacket/combustion chamber sealing issue for what ever reason.

    at the onset, there maybe no signs of cross contamination of fluids and still have a bad head gasket.

    i think you caught this relatively early. but if it is a head gasket, and this is a 3VZE V6, set some extra bucks aside for new timing belt and water pump. as the procedure for doing a head gasket will have those items exposed.

    if this is a 22RE I4, get the timing chain assem inspected as well.

  • 4 years ago

    i could bypass with in spite of one has the 22RE engine. i own a 87' toyota pickup with one and it has one hundred ninety,000 on it, each and everything is inventory on the engine, no areas have been replaced. i dont be responsive to if ninety one ninety two or ninety 3 has this engine yet while your keen to purchase one that is a touch older i be responsive to that the 4 runner did contain this engine interior the previous due 80s. solid success

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