what is the smtp name and port for yahoo mail?

needed to set up email on my Lexmark printer

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  • 8 years ago
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    In order to use a separate email client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird, to receive Yahoo Mail you can use POP3 or IMAP. In order to send email you need SMTP. POP3 and SMTP is free in the UK, AU, and NZ but in the US you must pay for "Yahoo Mail Plus". In Canada it is free with "Yahoo! Delivers". [Note: this may have been discontinued.] IMAP can be used free anywhere. When you do you can set the servers as follows:

    Incoming (POP3)

         US and CA - plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com Use SSL; Port 995

         UK - pop.mail.yahoo.co.uk Use SSL; Port 995

         AU and NZ - pop.mail.yahoo.com.au Use SSL; Port 995

    Outgoing (SMTP)

         US and CA - plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com Use TLS; Port 465

         UK - smtp.mail.yahoo.co.uk Use SSL and TLS; Port 465

         AU and NZ - smtp.mail.yahoo.com.au Use SSL and TLS; Port 465

    Incoming (IMAP)

         US and CA - imap.mail.yahoo.com Use SSL/TLS; Port 993

         (For outgoing use the SMTP server.

    NOTE: It seems that Yahoo has problems with SSL on SMTP. If the above does not work then try removing the SSL option.

    I do not recommend mixing POP3 and IMAP in Thunderbird. It seemed to cause strange problems.

    The same servers are used for ymail and rocketmail. Use the entire email address as the Yahoo ID.

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