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Questions about welfare and living?

I have a friend who just moved in with me, doesn't have a job no car no g.e.d no daploma and has a 1 year old. She had no were to stay so I'm helping her out. She does have welfare though. If you can help. What are the steps for her to get her own place? An a apartment that'l goes by income of course... But how woe that all work out? And how long u think it would take? Thank you for the help. Don't know anything about welfare.... Also please no extreme people with sarcastic answers. Hate coming on here and getting not an answer but sarcasm.

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    1. Get a GED.

    2. Get a job.

    3. Get on child support.

    4. wait for years to get housing assistance.

    What do you expect when you say no sarcasm? Honestly, with people like Brandi bragging about her $100 apartment on the backs of taxpayers, all I have is sarcasm. We have an epidemic of young women having children and expecting the tax payers to pick up the slack of what a father used to provide. It is exhausting and infuriating. All we have is sarcasm to combat the ridiculousness of it all.

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    She has to go down to her local support services office, whoever deals with all the welfare in town there should be an office and she needs to apply for housing. depending on where you guys live it can take anywhere from 6 months to 6 years. Its not a quick process. you'll have to pay 1/3 of what you make for rent. so if you make 300 dollars you have to pay 100 dollars rent. but even then theres deductions. I was waiting for my housing for 2 years and I finally got it. I make 300 dollars a month and pay just under 100 dollars in rent.....

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    she has to apply for housing and it can take as long as 5 or 6 years but if she gets a job she can apply for something called homeless. They will give it to her once in a lifetime. They will pay her deposit and first months rent and the rest is up to her

    Source(s): California resident
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