Sewing pattern layout instructions?

If a piece is colored gray, does that mean that I will have to fold the fabric with wrong sides together and have right sides out? Or, if the piece shown in layout is not colored gray that I will fold fabric with right sides together and place the piece on the wrong side of fabric and cut it out?

I am making a fleece coat for a dog and there is a right side to the fabric

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  • drip
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    8 years ago
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    The seam line on the pattern piece will say "cut on fold" the line is usually a solid line. A broken line is the cutting line.

    Usually the darker side is the wrong side. this has nothing at all to do with cutting on the fold.

    You should be cutting out two layers of fabric. Usually wrong sides are together when you are cutting.

    make sure to read the whole pattern before you do anything. The pattern instructions usually give some basic info on how to cut out the pattern pieces.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You always have the fabric wrong sides together, which is the way it is when you buy it, except when cutting a single piece.

    I use Style patterns and when Style colours a pattern piece grey it means that piece is placed on the fabric with the printed side down. You leave the fabric as it is for the other pieces.

    Patterns usually give you this info at the beginning of the cutting layouts.

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