Why am I so bothered by my boyfriend watching porn?

Him and I have been together for a over a year and I don't want it to be ruined by something like this, but I found out that he used to watch porn and look ay Playboy magazines.

I honestly don't know if I will ever be able to get over it or accept it. I have tried for a year but at the end of the day, it just makes me insecure because I constantly feel like I am never going to amount to the girls he's seen in those magazines and videos. They are super skinny,big boobs, bleach blonde hair and tan skin, it makes me feel liek sh*t that he's into those kind of girls!!!

What to do? :(

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  • Liz
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    8 years ago
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    Jeez,this old porn thing again? Dear,just who exactly is the real,live woman in his life? That would be you,Hon. He ain't screwing any of those women in the magazine or on a video,is he? Consider porn actresses like Barbie dolls,yes they are women but they really aren't "real women",are they?

    He's NOT "into" those kind of women. He into YOU. How do I know? You're with him,aren't you? besides,you said "used to" not "does look at" porn. Sounds to me like he gave up the porn for you. Consider that a huge victory for you and stop fretting over this.

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    well looks like I'll be the odd ball here and say it bothers you because it should. I've been married to my husband for 6 years I married him right after I turned 20. He looked at porn ....wait for it so did I and I enjoyed it but as soon as I fell in love with him the porn thing bugged me more and more and not just because of him I felt bad about it too I wanted the fairytale and well lets face it prince charming doesn't look at porn ( or cinderella) your going to find alot of women more so now at this day in age saying it's ok and that you should just get over it.......truth be told they have the self esteem problem trying to be the "cool" girlfriend who doesn't care. Deep down inside they do. bottom line I don't want my husband looking at other womens boobs and vaginas and having orgasms to anyone other than me. Our bedroom rule goes as such " Anything goes, as long as it doesn't involve porn or other people in the bedroom" We do anything else and have a blast doing it we don't seem to have a problem with needing a bullshit " visual aid" I say porns for people who aren't satisfied with what they got. As far as what you should do talk to him tell him you don't want that to be a part of his life and your relationship if he can't except that then too bad you can find someone who will have only eyes for you. by the way the type of love I'm talking about the eyes only for you and respecting one another it does exist, people have just forgotten to strive for the best and not settle for second, third sometimes 5th best. nothing wrong with getting dirty in bed just do it with each other..... why do people think there is something so strange about that? my relationship must be weird but I'm a happy satisfied woman that doesn't have to look at porn nor do I want to anymore. good luck.

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    As long as it's a "used to be" it's not a problem. I'm sure you've got some things in your past that are better left in the past as well.

    Don't accept any current use of porn, but if he's over it, good for him!

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  • Get therapy for your insecurity.

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    You already answer your own question.


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