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4 weeks pregnant. No symptoms?

I had suspicions of being pregnant, I couldn't remember my last period. LOL

I got tested at the DR and I was! I'm exactly 4 weeks today. I have no symptoms. :( Some cramping and tummy aches when I DON'T EAT haha. I read on the Internet "Oooohhhh two hours after I conceived by breasts hurt, blah blah blah"

My nipples don't hurt, itch or anything!

Is this normal?

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    I'm 18 weeks pregnant and honestly if I hadn't been to the doctor or taken a test I would not even know I was pregnant! I haven't gained a pound of weight and I don't even have a baby bump. I was never sick like most people are either! I haven't had any symptoms at all! My baby is growing perfectly healthy :)

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    My fiance is 22 weeks pregnant and we would of never known she was pregnant if she didn't have a missed period. She doesn't even have the pregnant belly that I see most have around 22 weeks, all she has is a little pudge but the doctor said some do not have symptoms at all and don't grow as big as others do but if it wasn't for the missed period we would of just thought she was gaining little weight. So it's normal.

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    Not everyone has symptoms.

    I didn't have any symptoms until I was 6 weeks.

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