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Anyone know of "COMMON PLACES" that do not allow guns?

I know state parks, hospitals etc.. do not allow guns. But is there a list of common stores or restaurants that do not allow guns? My husband I recently went to Buffalo Wild Wings and he had his gun on him and I went back to the car and noticed the "NO GUNS" sign when I returned. So I had him take it back to the vehicle.

We prefer not to frequent locations that infringe on our 2nd amendment rights, so I just wanted to know if anyone knew other places, or knew of a list of common places that ban guns.

We live in Tennessee.



Thanks for all the "OPINIONS", but that's not what I'm looking for.

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    every manager has there own policy about who or what they let enter into the business, the gum shop I use has big sign by the front door no, guns except to trade,

    use a little common sense

  • Anonymous
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    If you search yahoo, you'l see a cite that tells you some of what you might be asking. The governor vetoed a bill that was passed by the legislature allowing guns to brought into bar and other places that served alcohol. He vetoed this bill under a common sense theory that alcohol and guns don't mix. My guess is that you may have chossen a place that had alcohol, in which case even if you were not going to drink, you still could not bring a gun into the place. Do the search and see. I searched (common no gun places Tn) On the list is the article. Good luck and god bless you.

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    You want to vote with your feet and with your wallet, which is fine. I think you'll have to compile your own list of places not to patronize. The "common places" tend to be government entities- courtrooms, city offices, schools, etc. I'm not sure how a bank feels about people conducting business with armed customers; your mileage may vary. The private places that prohibit certain things tend to be individual ones. I've see a few "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs. I think an enterprise has the right to refuse service for reasons that aren't otherwise prohibited (race, religion, national origin, etc.)

    Why not begin a list of your own? You and your friends could share this info. ... Good luck!

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    Any private location that bans guns is not "infringing on you 2nd amendment rights". As owners of private property they are perfectly within their own right to set conditions for what can and can not be brought onto their property. Your 2nd Amendment rights, by definition of the 2nd Amendment, can only be infringed by the Government limiting your right to own a gun. A private property owner is not infringing anything by setting conditions of entry that you personally disagree with.

    But no, no such list exists.

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    First, get that constitution bullshit out of your head. Individual institutions reserve the right to restrict personal freedoms if they so desire. Secondly, any chain such as BWW will always be like that, so try to find a local bar or restaurant that does not have a longstanding reputation or chain to work off. They almost always will allow guns. Hope I helped!

  • ?
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    There is no reason in the world for your husband or anyone else to wear a gun into a store or restaurant. What is his justification?

  • Neil
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    They were not infringing your rights. They were exercising theirs.

    It is very common for bars, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, and churches to have such policies. You are free to refrain from drinking, eating, shopping, learning, or praying in such places.

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    weapons at the instant are not 'allowed' in faculties. a minimum of pupils at the instant are not allowed to come returned to college with weapons. definite; this could be a rule that's broken; yet how do you envision metallic detectors working? TSA form lines at faculties? All faculties? How various the day could be taken up screening pupils entering the development, 100s or hundreds of hundreds of scholars? How various the college day do you pick for to grant over to putting youngsters with the aid of a metallic detector? How might each and every front be secured? What approximately abode windows? How might you demonstrate screen people who experience a bus? What approximately outdoors hardship-loose aspects? Do metallic detectors discover all firearms? What approximately explosives? what's to sidestep somebody from looking workarounds to metallic detectors? as an occasion; waiting until eventually college is pushed aside and the scholars pop out, or pulling a hearth alarm, waiting outdoors, then beginning hearth? might a metallic detector have prevented the former day's shootings? possibly. i've got faith T.J. Lane might have discovered a workaround. I choose there have been an uncomplicated answer that could help us shop our toddlers secure. i don't think of trouble-free suggestions to college shootings exist.

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    There is a list of them from the NRA. I will just give you the link, so you can go to the website.


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    the movies..

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