Why do I still have to go to work tomorrow?

I work at Shop Rite in NJ. Our governor called a state of emergency. No one is out and cops were told to ticket people that are driving. However, every business is still open. My friends that work today have said that an average of 3 people an hour come in and that's about it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I might have to walk and I called. They told me since I'm new (about a month) if I call out they will fire me immediately.

Is this ridiculous to anyone else? I'm a very tiny person and the 65 mph winds will knock me on my ***.

What can I do?

I live a mile away too btw. Not down the street

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  • lcr000
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    8 years ago
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    a state of emergency is advice not law and you cant be given a ticket for being out, that would be illegal, your employer told you what will happen if you call out, it is your choice, he may be unfair but he is not acting illegally

  • 8 years ago

    The schools are closed, airports are shut down, even the stock exchange is closed.

    If that employer expects you to come to work - tell him/her to stuff it.

    Hopefully they will watch the news and realize how bad this really is.

    Don't call them. Don't answer your phone.

  • 8 years ago

    If the job is that important to you, go in. But if you want to save yourself from danger, stay home. The choice is yours.

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