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Dance Moms fans question?

So I've seen pictures, heard rumors, etc about the new season. People are saying that they are replacing all of the girls, with kids from AUDC.(Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition) I'm worried about that because I love all if he girls, they inspire me to be a better dancer! Does anyone know what the truth is? I've also heard that Brooke and Paige aren't coming back! Pleas help me!

Thanks sooooooo much!!!!!

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    I hope not!! I watched one episode of AUDC and noticed the same dance moms concept but i didnt like it or them. I doubt though it because those are her. If paige and brooke dont come back it wont be to much of a shock cause kelly is to dramatic

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    no i dont think its true because a lot of people would not watch it. ik i wouldent

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