What college grants/ loans would i be elgible for ?

I am a 23 year old male wanting to go back to school.

What grants would i get ?

And IF i have loans that i havent paid back would i still get loans or grants from the government ?

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  • nancy
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    8 years ago
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    I disagree with Rob and Cassi. Having previous student loans will not make you ineligible for federal aid. You would only be ineligible if those loans are in default, or if you have reached the aggregate limit ($57,500 for an independent student, $31,000 for a dependent). If you have been making payments on the loans, it doesn't matter if you haven't paid the entire amount back.

    If your loans are in default, then you would have to clear the default before you would be eligible for any form of federal student aid. You can do this by making an acceptable payment arrangement with the lender and making 9 consecutive on-time payments. At most schools, you would regain eligibility after making 6 payments (although you would not be out of default until you make all 9). You could also clear a default by consolidating it. This would give you a new loan that pays off the old, defaulted ones, usually with an income based payment.

    The most common grant, the Pell grant, is based on family income and enrollment status, so it isn't possible for us to tell whether you would qualify for it or not. You are limited to 12 semesters fo Pell grant, so whether you can receive further Pell grants or not depends on whether you have used all your eligibility in the past. There are other grants, such as the SEOG or the TEACH grant, but they are not as common and restricted to students who meet certain criteria. Eligibility for state grants and school scholarships are also commonly based on income, so we wouldn't know whether you qualify for them.

    For an answer that is specific to your situation, you should make an appointment with the FA department at the school you plan to attend.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if you have outstanding student loan debt, you are ineligible for any college loans/grants

  • Cassi
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    8 years ago

    You could qualify for FAFSA. However, if you owe money out already, you aren't getting any more.

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