How should i apologize?

Basically I messed up, probably not as bad as the other person is making it out to be, but I've already apologized and he doesn't want to hear it. I'm not sure how else to fix it. Should I wait it out, send him chocolate covered strawberries with an I'm sorry card? Or is that kind of like buying an apology? Thanks for your input!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Nothing wrong with buying something. Means you care enough to spend money too! Perhaps delivering it personally is more meaningful. Chocolates or chocolate strawberries are a nice idea. Whatever you do you need to show you're going out your way to make up.

    Sort of depends what actually happened though. If it was serious and you hurt his feelings then that will require more effort than had it just been something small. It could help to talk about it to him to clean up matters.

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