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Oregon vs Usc, Bama vs Lsu football?

i'd love for both the crimson turds and ducks to lose saturday, but I think both will win with hardly any problems my picks

57-24 Oregon

34-13 Bama

both will be close early, but i'd think both Usc's and Lsu's D will get worn down by Bama and Oregon's O

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    Oregon 54-31

    Alabama 24-10

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    2012 BCS championship is already in place ..Bama vs. LSU... 2013 Maybe USC if they can get a defense. LSU or Bama..Both have a lot of talent coming back.. Auburn will be lucky to place third in the SEC West.. 2014 Maybe USC, again, will they have a defense vs. SEC champ. (Hopefully Bama but I am biased).

  • USC wont lose two in a row.Taking the Trojans 24-17

    Mettenberger has 150- yards and LSU loses 20-10

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    8 years ago

    I think Oregon will win, but it'll be close. I have the Ducks winning, 37-31.

    I think Bama wins, but, again, it'll be close. I have Bama winning, 24-20.

    @Hotsauce, I hope you're right. Lol

  • 42 - 24 Oregon

    Alabama plays their first good opponent since the NC game and loses, 42-18

    *screwed up my SEC game prediction.. meant to say 24-18, just a mistype.

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