Do portable wheelchair ramps have to follow ADA code?

My church has a member who uses a wheelchair. To help him getting over 3 stairs, we are considering building a wooden wheelchair ramp. Another option is to buy a portable wheelchair ramp. My question is, do portable wheelchair ramps have to follow ADA code?

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  • Yes, portable pedestrian ramps have to follow ADA code. There are also ramps for animals and for freight which do not have to.

    Added: Others are incorrect. The ADA is not just about permanent structures. It is also about programs and services. A portable ramp would be considered a service and is thus covered. Companies that make ramps do not distinguish between ramps that are not going to be used in a program that must adhere to the ADA - they would be sued if the wrong ramp was sold.

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    My permanent ramp that is ADA compliant goes up part of a sidewlk before making a curve in order to go up steps. That way, it isn't so steep and the wheelchair is easier to push. The ramps on paratransit vans and buses are not ADA standard, but are just metal ramps that slide in and out. My van ramp is just a folding piece of metal that we put up into the van when I'm loaded and seated.

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    ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is essentially a building code for PERMANENT structures. Wooden ramps are permanent structures, so you have to follow ADA code, which requires the ramp to meet certain incline, width, landing length, handrail height, etc. Portable ramps are NOT considered permanent structure. Therefore, ADA code does not apply.

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    No, portable ramps do not need to meet ADA code, nor do they normally meet it.

    ADA code is for businesses and you can see some ADA compliant ramps here:

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