Me and my bf had a fight? I need help?

Me and my bf had a fight?? I need help?

Me and my bf had a really bad fight. I asked him if we are okay? And he said yes we are. But he is going away for about 2 weeks and then coming back. I asked if we will be okay when you come back and he said I think so. Does this mean that we will still be togther? And do you think there is any chance of him breaking up with me??

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The fight was about our relationship as a whole and me sometimes being too emotional

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  • 8 years ago

    Actually, I was in the same position Friday. Being emotional is fine, but life only gets harder from now on. We have to learn to deal with our emotions head on because crying won't solve anything. Also given that, bottling up isn't healthy either.

    You Bf also needs to understand that this is a weakness (Don't worry, a lot of females are like this- including me,) and he needs to be there for you and help you become stronger emotionally.

    As for the relationship in general, perhaps you're two opposites and that's why you argue so much, a little argument is healthy, but it requires open-mindedness so you can both draw a level based agreement.

    My advice? Talk to him about things your both don't agree about. Learn eachothers opinions and you'll begin to understand eachother more- in doing so it'll help prevent further arguments.

  • 8 years ago

    You can only deal with your part in this. We cannot make any judgement about the situation between your two. Missing details prevent that. Go into your own heart and see what's there- what you want. There's always compromise, but it should be fair. If one is right and the other is wrong, honesty is the only tool to fix this. I'd say all couples go through this situation when they start to realize there is no perfection.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If he says that it's alright between you now there is no reason that it shouldn't be alright after he's come back from his two week break I would calm down and stop worrying he said everything was fine in the end didn't he !

  • BOSS
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    8 years ago


    I should hope he wouldn't lie to you. If he says it's alright, you should trust that it's alright :)Fights aren't just things that happen that are to be forgiven and forgotten, they are learning experiences. Can you take any of the things you fought about and use them to make improvements on yourself/your behavior? Ameliorating the things he said bothered him will show him that you care enough about the relationship and him to take his advice/grievances to heart (too bad it had to be a fight and not a calm discussion over tea though) Your change may also inspire him to take your suggestions on improving himself. I hope this helps :)

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  • 8 years ago

    If he loves u he will not break up if no then u dont have to care move on

    nice Regards

    Cute kitty

    Please answer mine sorry 4 worring u

  • 8 years ago

    Well he said you two are ok. So i guess you two are ok.

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