How to register for Comic Con 2013?

My sister and I would like to attend next years Comic Con Convention and want to register, but the site says that we need a badge for pre-registration.I'm not sure what that is since I have never been to a Comic Con. So Any help regarding how to register and get the badge would be greatly appreciated. Links work too. Thanks.

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    8 years ago
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    Comic-Con 2013 badges are not up for sale yet. Those that went to Comic-Con 2012 were given the chance the buy the badges early. My suggestion to you is to click on the Comic-Con site where it says member id and create a member for yourself and for your sister. After that I would add Comic-Con to your facebook and keep an eye out for the announcement. They usually post when the badges are going on sale a few weeks ahead of time. When that day comes make sure you are on your computer a few minutes before it goes on sale, once the clock hits the designated hour you have to login and get in a virtual line. That page will tell you how many people are ahead of you. For example when I did mine I believe registration was 7:00 AM I was able to login and get in line by 7:03 AM and I was #3750. The page refreshes itself every few minutes and with a little patience you can get those badges.

    Also you both need member id's, but you both don't have to get into separate lines. Once you complete your transaction it will ask if you would like to buy tickets for another person but you HAVE to have a member id if not you waste your time. Good luck and I hope your able to get those badges!

    Source(s): Been going to the Con since 2008.
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