How often to highschool relationships last?

I'm just kind of curious.. because it doesn't seem that common... yet my parents, as well as a lot of my friends parents met in high school. Sure, they had a few breakups but ended up together in the end. Like my parents met in high school but decided to see other people in college because they were all the way across the country and it didn't make sense to limit themselves due to that factor. However they ended up together in the end and that's how I came into existence.

One of my best friends parents have also been together since high school.

I'm just curious.. because I see couples in my grade that seem like the could easily last that long. One couple even started dating when the girl was a freshman (she's in my grade and we're juniors now) and the guy was a senior. They're still together! He's literally the sweetest guy.. not the party type.. and he would never do anything bad. I could see them winding up married. There's also another couple that started dating in 8th grade but they went to separate high schools. They're still as happy as ever and I could never see them with anyone else.

Like.. right now I'm dating my best friend. We've been friends since freshman year but only started dating this year. I always thought he was cute (oh I'm a girl btw) but I never liked him like that. People would always say "so when are you gonna date?" and I was all like "oh no I'll never date him". He told me he's actually had feelings for me since freshman year but thought I would never go for him. Anyways.. I'm sooo happy right now. Even though I adamantly refused to date him and even when I started to develop feelings for him I shut them out... we're dating and it's probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've never had a relationship like this. It's so EASY! It's so easy to be with him and I'm totally comfortable. However.. when my friends say we're going to get married I say that I absolutely will never marry him. I know it's a silly thing to think in high school but hey, whatever lol. IF our relationship ever got to that point I wouldn't marry him due to what he wants to be when he's older. If he does go for this particular job I would feel uncomfortable staying with him. Don't get me wrong, it's not a BAD job at all.. but I would lose trust in him. But it seems like everything I deny and say "oh no.. NEVER" to.. always happens. So.. I dunno...

Sorry if I was babbling.. but I'm just curious.

Did you meet your current partner in high school? Do you have any friends that did? You parents? Etc.

3 Answers

  • My parents met in high school marching band, and got married when they were 23 and 24. (My dad's a year older.) I'm a freshman and I've been with my current boyfriend for 2 years! My twin brother has been with his girlfriend for almost a year now. However, lots of people in my grade date people for like, a week, and the day after a break up they're with someone new. My brother's a senior, and he's not quite that bad, but he doesn't have serious girlfriends for very long. (He's nowhere near a player though!!!!!!!) I think it depends on the couple.

  • 8 years ago

    Depends on the people. Some last a long time while others for a short period of time because people are immature in highschool. I started dating my boyfriend 1 week after grade 12 and we have been together for over two years.

  • 8 years ago

    I wouldn`t say that it would be very often but it happens for sure.

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