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What would you like to ask?Ok so i have burnt and dead hair. HELP!!?

Ok so i used to have big curly hair but i i didnt like it so i got the keratin and always straighten it. Now my hair hair is burnt, dead, limp, and yeah i miss my old hair. Any good ideas such as treatments or certain shampoos, etc for norusihment and repair?? plz dont tell me to stop using heat cuz i obviously know that. Thank you!!


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    Ok first off you could go to a stylist and have them give you a Malibu hair treatment. I used this every season after swimming and it just takes all the chemicals out of your hair that damage it. It SAVED my hair after swimming.

    You can do at home treatments. Go to your local hair joint and look at all of their hair treatment stuff. Get the kind you leave in for 10 to 15 min then wash out.

    Since you already know to stop using heat the next thing you can do is avoid putting stress on you hair. You put stress on your hair by putting it in buns and pony tails. This stretches your hair, causing split ends and strain on your hair.

    Get a hair cut. Go as short as you dare and just get that dead hair off of there! Short hairstyles are VERY in right now so going short is a good thing. And in the winter months short hair will be more manageable. I know people say short hair is better for the summer because it will keep you cool... but short hair in the winter is actually better! My hair in the winter HAS SO MUCH STATIC. I brush it and my hair literally clings to the brush. It never does this in the summer, only the winter. So I say; go for the short-do.

    Use leave in conditioners, and invest in some hair lotion. Just hydrate, hydrate, hydrate your hair.

    If you are seriously ready to fix your hair, and if you really want to make it the way it used to be HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:

    Invest in Wen. Yes, I said it, Wen. My hair was limp and dry and BURNT TO HELL. The commercials don't lie. Wen really does work. I used Wen ONE TIME and my hair was so much healthier it was unreal. It went back to the way it was before I burnt it to death. It really works. Go to and order it. Yes, its expensive. But Wen replaces conditioner and shampoo and it lasts a long time so in retrospect YOU DO SAVE MONEY.

    Tips for Wen:

    Don't use as many pumps as the bottle says. I have thick, long hair and I use 3-5 pumps. The bottle says 8-10. You don't need that much.

    If you have hair that gets oily quickly DON'T BUY THE POMEGRANATE Wen. It makes your hair too oily. My favorite is the Mint. Or the lavender. NOT THE POMEGRANATE.

    Hope this helps hun :)

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    Use heat protectors before you straighten your hair ALWAYS !

    Try putting olive oil in your hair once a week and wrap it with a hot damp towel for 30 minutes and then wash it out.

    I do this and it makes my hair soft

    Don't wash your hair everyday either and make sure you use conditioner

    You might want to stop straightening it and throw your hair in a pony tail for a while until your hair gets better.

    Good luckkkkkkk(:

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    Macadamia repair mask

    Also start triming your hair as it grows out. Your gonna have to keep you hair natural for awile. Like don't even use the keratin. You might want to get other thing from the macadamia website like their oil and shampoo and conditioner. I used this product and my hair felt and looked terible. Now its healthy again

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    You may have melted the cuticle of your hair into a straight pattern, in which case, the only thing that can really fix it is cutting it off. You could try some 'curl-happy' products and curly friendly techniques, and they might help you regain some of your big curls.

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