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Not physically attracted to my bf and I don't know what to do?

So i'm dating this guy and i'm not physically attracted to him. He's really nice and everything but I feel like i'm forcing myself to like him. But because he is so nice I decided to give him a chance but I just don't know now. I feel so shallow. Should I still give it a little longer out should I break up with him? We've been dating for about a month.

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    This is why I don't say personality matters more than looks. Looks are the first impression and you cannot form who they really are with an introduction THEY give you. I say you should give it 2 weeks more to see how it goes, and if you still feel the same, dump him. ~Grimmy~

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    Give it time. Once u fall for someones personality, everything else about that person becomes beautiful. So hopefully that will happen if u just give it time.

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    give time

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