I'm having wireless problems?

Two weeks ago I started to have wireless issues on xbox, I was playing Call of Duty and I started lagging badly so I went to dashboard, network settings, and my network was having drops on signal. It would switch between 0 and 3 bars making it impossible to login properly. I was not having issues with other devices so I thought the xbox internal adapter was broken. But two days ago it started disconnecting on my laptop and I noticed that it would happen the same thing. My sister and her boyfriend don't have problems but they only come at weekend so they can't see all week. I'm on a friend house right now and it's not having drops. My router is a thomson TG784n. Any help please?

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  • DrDave
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    8 years ago
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    Yeah. FORGET wireless connections and GET WIRED.

  • Dnf
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    8 years ago


    Is this issue only happening with your laptop and Xbox or to every device which is trying to accessing the internet from the router?

    I guess that some kind of interference is taking place which is causing connectivity issues. It can be a electromagnetic interference caused by other electrical appliances.

    Make sure that you stay in the radius of 5 meters to the router while connecting. Avoid any kind work with your computing device, beside an electrical appliance.

    Also check for the consistence of the internet provided by your ISP. May be it is providing good bandwidth in the weekends and not on normal days.

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