Feelings for a friend! Please help!! Major Points?

have come to notice in the last few years I have feelings for my best guy friend. We've known each other since 4th grade. Now we're seniors and graduating in June. Our families are friends and next year our colleges are only an hour apart. In 8th grade he asked me to slow dance and I said no, I think he still holds this against me? We're in theater together and last night was the cast party, he started sending me provocative messages on Facebook and I got confused. Turns out it was some mutual friends playing a joke. It made me realize I really really have feelings...however there are constant rumors he's gay or bisexual. A mutual guy friend of ours says sometimes he's come on to him?

Please help me!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Come on he has been your friend since 4th grade and you are going to believe those rumors . I am pretty sure that he would have told you before anyone else. Don't you think don't do the mistake and believe the rumors that WILL mess up your friendship big time. I am pretty sure he has feelings for you too because he said lets dance. you should go up to him and ask him do you like me (Everyone HATES rejection but you need to know if he likes you back) You two have been friends since 4th grade to college. WOW !!!! i never knew that friendship could last that long. Good luck :)..... Hopes this help

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