What do I need to save my progress on the N64 Castlevania game?

ok so I want to play Castlevania for the N64 but I think it says I need something special to save it, I can't remember if its a rumblepack or a memory card but I have a memory card thing that goes into the front of the N64 system. Do I need something else to save my game like the thing that goes onto the controller itself? If so what is it called?

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  • 8 years ago

    I remember the N64 having 3 different types of saving, one was just on the game itself so you didn't anything extra, and the other was with an "expansion pack", which is the thing that goes in the front of the N64. You can also use a memory card and goes into the controller, but I don't remember any games actually required that, I always thought the memory card could be used as an alternative to an expansion pack. However, I did some looking around and found this:

    The North American and PAL versions of the cartridge do not have a built in save feature; all saved games are stored on a memory card (the "Controller Pak") attached to the Nintendo 64's controller. Players save their in-game progress by using white jewel items scattered throughout the levels, which must be touched to activate and can be used indefinitely.

    Hope that helps

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    N64 Castlevania

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    Castlevania N64

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    The rumble pack and memory card/pack goes in the controller. The ram expansion pack goes in front top of the n64.

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    8 years ago

    If you're using the default control scheme, which you can check by pausing and going to Options, simply press C-Right when standing over the white crystal. C-Right is also used to pick items up off the ground when they're dropped by enemies.

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