Plz help me select the right girl....who'll be the right girl for me among these two?

Hi guyz!.......I was in love with a girl from past 3 years(now I'm aged 15)......I loved her like hell!,but could never say that I loved her......we rearly spoke 2 eachother,like once in 6months or a year may be!.......she never knew me correctly from the time I met her.......but now another girl has entered ma life!.....She's a school-mate,....and because she is Very Beautiful,everyone thinks that she is very hard to get!.......but,1 fine day we chatted on FB nd she gave me her cell number and she is very different from everybody's thought......shi cares,shi texts every morning and late night.....she'll tell sum of her feelins 2 me and we evn chat now..........The problem is,now as I loved the 1st girl soo much,I'm neither able to forget her nor wait for her..........I donno,az waiting for the 1st I'm falin in love with the second girl.......I donno whether she loves me or not,bt she shows some signs of love....I'm totly Confused....I'm not able to concentrate on anything!........plz hlp me!!!!

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    8 years ago
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    You were twelve, now you're fifteen, love means nothing at the moment. Wait until you are more mature, a sign of maturity is learning how to type like a regular human, not like a Japanese school girl that barely knows English. Seriously, just get to know them better and let your friendship prosper and then one day when you are older you will realize that they don't even matter anymore

    Source(s): I'm 15 and I can even identify this problem with our generation
  • 8 years ago

    try to grow up. Everything to a teenage seems like a life / death situation, I'm sure. You obviously don't know the girl #1 if you only spoke to her once. try to be honest with yourself.

    And mean time try to find a more suitable forum to discuss this. Languages seems as far fetched as your dream girl #1.

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