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Bun has an Inner Ear Infection?

My bun has an inner ear infection. He eats, drinks, and plays still. He has wobbly eyes, slight loss of balance and head tilt. I noticed this yesterday. His lip is a little swollen on one side though, has anyone else had this? My vet is sending me meds in the form of injections. What should I expect with the meds? What is it usually? If you have had a bun with this please share. I was told it is sometimes fatal. Please help. What can I do to make him comfy?

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    Antibiotics and sometimes anti-inflammatories (possibly steroids) are used for middle ear infection. This could also be a parasitic infection called E. cuniculi, which is very difficult to diagnose but can cause very similar symptoms to a middle ear infection. E. cuniculi can be fatal. Treatment can be attempted with a wormer containing fenbendazole (Panacur) plus steroids, but it must be caught early to stop replication of the parasite.

    I hope your rabbit responds well to treatment, get started as soon as possible.


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