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Do the Patriots have the best offense right now?

Tom Brady is still elite and the running game has been successful.

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    Points per Game: 1st

    Total Points: 1st

    Total Yards: 1st

    1st Downs: 1st

    Running Yards: 3rd (1st in AFC)

    Running TDs: 1st

    Passing Yards: 1st

    Passing TDs: 5th (2nd in AFC)

    What other metric can you think of where some other team is better than the Patriots' offense overall?

  • Sean M
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    8 years ago

    In terms of total yards per game, yes the New England Patriots have the best offense in the NFL in 2012 so far

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No, the Denver Broncos have the most potent offense right now and it will become more prolific as the weeks go on.

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