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What was Herb Lubalin's first publicly released typeface?

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    PISTILLI ROMAN. He and John Pistilli did it a bit before Herb Lubalin left Sudler & Hennessey and he released it a bit after he formed his own studio. In the book HERB LUBALIN (American Showcase, publishe), PISTILLI ROMAN is in the "Posters" section, not the "Typefaces" section. But if you track the years that the book gives for all the typefaces, you would see this. If you want to see discussions or samples of John Pistilli's work, the book JUST MY TYPE by Garfield discusses him doing one of the ROLLING STONE magazine logos. PRINT magazine (Mar.Apr. 1975) ("Calligraphy Lives") did an exhibit of great hand lettering in the computer era. He is tied with Nicholas Fasciano and Ray Barber as most represented artist. The 1978 TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB award book presents the full typeface he did for CUTTY SARK (upper and lower case). The DISCOGS.COM website shows the Columbia/CBS Records albumr logo he did for THE MANHATTANS

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    Probably it is Avant Garde. That is the one he is most famous for.

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