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Where can i find my local laws?

Basically, i carry a concealed folding pocket knife on me at all times which is, by my state law, legal. But i realize that specific local laws can sometimes include further restrictions on state laws (that the blade length must be under 3", ect.) So i was wondering where i can go about finding full length local laws? Is there perhaps a trusted source online that would have them or do i need to contact somewhere local to speak in person? Thank you for any help on the subject.

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    Try the website for your city. Most cities have websites that include a link to the city ordinances.

    Otherwise you can go to city hall and ask to see a copy of the printed ordinances.

    It may also be possible to contact the city police by calling the station directly on a non-emergency line and simply asking. They should be able to give you an answer as well.

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    There are two very good places to research your local laws. One is the courthouse. But there is usually nowhere to sit and the books can't leave the building.

    The second, which is my favorite is the library. They carry local and state laws in the reference area. Just go to the reference desk and ask them to point out where the local law books are kept. They may even help you do your research by finding the correct book for you.

    Not many of the local laws are online, for one big reason, is that when many of these laws get passed, they really don't want the public to know about them. They are usually very unnecessary and many times passed due to some uber rich person or political person to force their view on some poor guy.

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    Actually in spokane wa, there is no city ordinances in place. Only State law, (also called statutes). Search yahoo-=(Weapon statutes), Add state. However, You are looking for the city ordinances. There called ordinances and not laws. Search yahoo for ordinances in you city, town, county.-=(weapons ordinances), add city county or town.

    Source(s): years of legal research
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