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What Do I Need To Do To Make My Hair Poofy? = 10 POINTS!?

My friend had her hair dyed black a few months ago. Also, she wanted an Emo hairstyle, so she had short and long layers, so she could tease her hair. She said she washed her hair with Dove Shampoo every 3 days, and when the Shampoo dries it goes poofy.

Then, because I really liked the hairstyle, I had short and long layers so I could tease it, and then I dyed it Red. I wash my hair every 3 days, the same as she does. Then she said after a few weeks of washing her hair every 3 days, her hair started getting naturally poofy on its own, without washing it.

But the thing is, I am really confused. Because, I have been doing everything she has to her hair, as often as she has, but my hair has not gone naturally poofy, even though hers has. I really want my hair to become naturally poofy like hers.

So if anyone knows why this is happening, or some tips on how I can get my hair naturally poofy then please do tell me, as I would love to have my hair like this.

Thankyou! x

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    Everyone has different hair types just back come it puffy and use hairspray it works for almost everyone I know :) or use a homemade salt spray (salt and water) but put it in a spray bottle! It works so well and gives your hair a puffy slightly wavy effect

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    hi, hair types are not all the same hun, she sounds like her hair is thicker than yours so dove is not the best choice as its very rich in conditioners. try a shampoo for fine hair and wash it every couple of days and use the got2b powderful for volume or when its wet push some mousse through it and dry it upside down. if that doesn't help try some extensions for volume you can pick them up pretty cheaply in mad colours from hope this helps xx

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    You can blow dry it, use moose and then tease it.

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