Should white people be ashamed of their preferential treatment in America.?

It's odd to me when people ask questions like whats wrong with minorities, when it comes to committing crimes and being poor and being at the bottom of society.

Theres isn't an argument that we live in a racist society, rather or not we do something about resolving the racist issue are not ( it had been worse) it has always existed .. minorites of brown complexions are harassed by the police, arrested and convicted more because of racist targeting,

When white people generally don't get targeted, Why is this something to be proud of, rather than ashamed of.

Does the notion that this makes you feel like you better over power the shame you should feel for the ill gained preferential treatment.


**OK let me try that again... Does the notion of having preferential treatment make you feel better about yourself? Does it over power the shame?

Update 2:

@TJ@Superor thinker - I usually dont respond to nonsense, but ill make a exception in this case. TJ, if there wasn't a need for separate Universities they wouldn't exist, and Sup Tink - I think you get more satisfaction out of believing that then whether or not its true.. Black men like black women, we have changed the standard of beauty for white women.. White men didnt like a ss, curves were not in style. The truth is white women love black men not all but some and vice verse through all races, You just get off on believing dumbshii, its ok, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round...

Update 3:

@tehabwa - Nobodies making that point, and I agree with the rest of what you said.

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  • 8 years ago
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    No... why should they be?

    Even though all white people aren't racist, racism and bigotry benefits them so there would really be no point in them being ashamed of being exposed to "upward mobility" unlike many other "non white" people... yet thanks to programs such as A.A and quotas which were needed to be met, we were able to be granted many chances.

  • 8 years ago

    Well, I feel bad for some people that aren't white self-esteem. They measure every accomplishment by white standard.

    Now, that's white people fault. Whether we face it or not.

    For example, black guys are get so excited when white women like them. They really think very highly of ww. Especially when they're pretty but they don't realize there are tons of beautiful ww. On average ww are pretty. Its kind of cool the way they carry on but at the same time i'm thinking how bad you must feel about yourself to think that this is an accomplishment. It's just another human being.

    Source(s): @asker Why hasn't any of my relatives dated a black guy if all white women love black men? All married to wm.Why did I have to correct my 14 year old sister more than once from saying black men look like apes? She doesn't mean it racist but that's how she feels.I don't allow racism. If they all love them lmfao! Look at the Q's.. the black guys ask about ww not the other way around.You have never lived in an area like mine. You don't know all ww. This area would give most black people culture shock.
  • 8 years ago

    The facts are minorites of brown/black complexions are given preferential treatment...

    minorites of brown/black complexions can get into a university with a much lower grade than whites

    minorites of brown/black complexions can get bursaries and scholarships not available to whites

    minorites of brown/black complexions can apply for work internships and work experience not open to whites

    minorites of brown/black complexions can publically celebrate and be proud of their culture and heritage and even receive taxpayer dollars to do so, whites can not

  • 8 years ago

    Uh, why should I be ashamed of something I DON'T actually DO?

    And the point wouldn't be to "stop preferential treatment" by suddenly treating Whites as criminals for being White, but to STOP treating everyone else as criminals because of their looks, for example.

    The whole idea of feeling pride or shame for one's group is silly and deeply misguided. I'm responsible for what _I_ do, not what someone who is blonde and blue-eyed, but NOT me does.

    I understand why previously despised groups talk about pride -- as an antedote as it were. But when we FINALLY get to a truly color-blind state, all that should fade away.

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  • Mark
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    8 years ago

    No, they shouldn't be ashamed of it, but they should be aware of it. (Just like if you were born into a wealthy family, you should be happy you don't have privations but also be aware that most people aren't rich.)

  • Mike
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    8 years ago

    Not in my area. I'm treated like everyone else.

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