Have to make one of my characters play a prank on the other. How?

Well in this book I'm writing, one of the main characters is continually trying to flirt with this one girl but it's always interrupted. One of the characters plays a prank on him that humiliated him in front of the girl. I don't mean placing a whoppee cushion under his seat, I mean a really embarrassing prank. What should it be? Something so bad that the main character is totally humiliated.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think what you should do is in class, You can make this character put those sort of Balloons that makes a farting noise on the boys chair. I think you quite understand what i mean. However the boy will sit and that farting sound will make a loud noise. This boy will get embarrassed infront of the class and more certainly the girl he likes.

    I just said this, because i once did this to a girl in my class.

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