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So my boyfriend and I had a huge fight because of my parents not approve of him because they caught him acting like an a$$hole to me on the phone. They were starting to like him, even though they don't support us living together (we are 20). He suggested i move back in with them to solve our financial problems and to make them happy and get their support. I thought it was a good idea at first, but i don't think it's fair that i have to quit my job and have no car and go back to how i was right after i graduated high school and now have to change my whole life again. But I do see the benefits of becoming more independent, however I told him that if i get my whole life back before we were dating, then maybe we just shouldn't be together right now. What do i do? I don't think it can work out if I move out, but if i don't i'm forced to live in his house (his family is crazy) and i'll have to deal with my parent's wrath. I wanted him to just talk to my parents and apologize, but he thinks they will just laugh at him.

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    Based on the financial/car issues you described, it's probably for the best that you move back home and move on from your boyfriend. It doesn't sound like a healthy relationship and you're at a otugh age in life where relationships will come and go. Don't choose a boyfriend over your family, I made that mistake with my first girlfriend and it was a mistake.

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