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How to get stronger and better at dance?

Okay so I'm a dancer and I've been dancing since I was 2. I'm 14 now. We live in a small town and my mom owns the dance studio. She works more with her other students then us since they are paying her. I wan't to work on my own at home and get better. I'm not very good. I'm good for being in such a small town but I normally get like golds and high golds at competitions. sometime platnums. My friends are passing me up and I really want to get better. I have a hard time remembering the choreography. do you have any tips on how to remember the dacnes? The thing i get yelled at the msot for would probably being to tight especially in my neck. I guess I don't move my upper body and head enough. I really try but I can't seem to loosen up enough. I feel stupid if I do it really big. I feel like I look awkward. My friend always gets called out to show how big she does stuff and I never do ... I try hard but i just cant get it right. Besides that I want to work on my extensions and stuff like that. I really want to get a good score on my solo this year so I'm willing to work everyday on this. By the end of the year I want to pass up my friend and my older sister. What can I do at home to fix this stuff? What should I do when I'm at the studio to learn better and stuff?

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    Hi there! My tip for memorizing choreography is just practice. Maybe get together with a friend and make up combinations and teach it to each other. In most classes, a teacher will do something and you will wait for him/her to break it down. Try to learn the moves but just watching and them doing it...see if that helps. Also, ask your mom if she can help you practice after the studio closed or before it opens or during lunch and such. Try to watch other people in your class (like your friend) and see what you like about how they dance and use that for your dancing. You learn A LOT from watching. If you want to work on your extensions then you should stretch everyday pr every other day, that has nothing to do with your mom not teaching you. Really focus on yourself and don't compare yourself to other people because everyone is different. Only compare yourself to the dancer you used to be. I hope this helps!!! If you have anymore questions email me!!


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