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Do you think the Bill of Rights is constantly under fire or is that just fear mongering?

A lot of people say Americans are constantly losing the freedoms that separate them from the rest of the world, and others say this is imagined and that Americans are as free today as they ever were.

Which is true and why?

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    Starting with GW and his 9/11 attacks (the ones he didn't prevent), they created the patriot act, which is a massive violation and destruction of the bill of rights in a lot of ways.

    In addition, the far right wants to take away even more freedoms, like free speech and they want to shove religion down our throats.

    Some will tell you that Obama is behind this, but that's hogwash. And it's a lie that he has done anything to remove the alleged 2nd amendment rights. (Debatable what that actually covers).

    Compared to the 90s, we are much less free than we were. And now the right wants to make massive government invasion into a woman's personal health care decisions.

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    You've just fear mongered about fear mongering.


    Is the bill of rights constantly under fire? yes

    Are Americans constantly losing freedoms? no

    In some ways, we're a lot more free than we were say fifty years ago. Despite every attempt to reintroduce Protestant theology into public schools, this still hasn't been done since the 1990s.

    In other ways, we're less free. Searches without warrants seem to expand every year.

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    I feel the battle we are fighting against the darkness of EXTREME capitalism is as real today as it was 200 yrs ago. GREED prevails throughout the world and it is only through collective strength that we manage to keep it in check. Those who have the MOST want to control those who have the LESS. Our Fathers knew this and created our basic Bill of Rights. They also saw first-hand the horrors of the Roman Church when a country fails to separate Church from State which reneged any free speech. Of the five freedoms: religion, speech, press, assembly, petition ... we have seen Rs deny 'assembly' and Romney has denied 'petition' . The right to bear arms has been abused primarily by NRA and Rs to include military-grade assault and semi-assault weapons. Warrantless wire taps were de-criminalized by Rs per Bush-Cheney. 'Fair and equal treatment' has become bogus for people who represent themselves at trial. Even civil trial judges deny Plaintiffs to be heard if they don't hire an attorney. Rs blatantly ignored our 'right' to no cruel and unusual punishment with Gitmo and their torture of un-tried prisoners. So, YES it seems Rs in particular are doing a fine job of trampling all over our Bill of Rights. In addition to those sacred Ten Rights, our right to elect our officials by popular vote has been revoked by R-Gov Rick Synder of Mich when he fired all elected officials and appointed his own in that state. R-Gov Scott Walker of Wis took away the People's right of collective bargaining and dissolved unions in his state. R-Gov Haslem of Tenn exempted himself and his entire staff from any financial disclosure as required. R-Gov Rick Perry of Texas has rewritten history books removing 'democracy' and replacing it with 'republican', wants to repeal the 16th & 17th Amendments allowing Senators to be elected and eliminating IRS, wants to close public schools for 'privatized' schools controlled by Rs, have states 'drop out' of Social Security and Medicare ... OMG ... Rs do the mud-slinging and name-calling but it's THEM who are trampling all our US RIGHTS.

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    Patriot Act/NDAA - violation of the 4th/5th amendment

    Gun Control - violation of the 2nd amendment

    Free Speech Zones/Internet Control- violation of the 1st amendment

    TSA - violation of the 4th/5th amendment and the 10th amendment

    ObamaCare - violation of the 10th amendment

    Source(s): And a LEFIST source highlighting Obama's war on the Bill of Rights
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  • Brian
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    The Bill of Rights is always threatened and it is up to tthe people to make sure their freedom reains intact.

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    no that is GOP fear mongering Its all they have The GOP is dead

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    Smoke and mirrors is all. This Country is a farce.

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    You dumb justices killed it long ago. Under fire? what a joke, it's in ashes.

    Source(s): Patriot Act, Affirmative Action, ObamaCare, Bush and Obama using executive orders, the Supreme Court loves our police state and stomping on the throats of us citizens. Phucking dicks!
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