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failing a drug test without doing drugs?

last night i went to a flux pavillion concert in miami. i was drug tested 2 weeks earlier and i came up clean for everything. i havent done any drugs since then and didnt last night either. this morning my parents decided to drug test me with a home cvs urine test. i was confident to take the test went took a piss in the cup and i came up for weed and mdma. and for a fact theres not reason for me to lie to you guys im just trying to get some answers. i did not do any of these drugs. did not even touch them. how i think it might have happened though is ppl were smoking weed around me and my friends were sharing water with me that were swallowing the mollys pills. idk if some kind of back wash went back into the water bottle and that small amount caused me to fail the test. but plz i want to get some good feedback and some answers on how this could have happened.

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    It's unlikely you could consume enough backwash/water to cause a positive test for MDMA.

    Those at home tests are prone to both false positives and negatives. Ask to be re-tested.

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