I was texting her last night & she stopped responding when I asked her bad q I guess?

Ok so I haven't texted her in about a week, but I hit her up yesterday went smooth and then we were talking about a party,and i asked her if she went then she said something about her going and I told her well I heard people had a good time & got wasted etc, then at the end of that I said you probably get down like that alot though? Just like that.

Was that bad to say? It was about 12 when I said that, about 5mins after she responded to the previous message, and we were only talkn for lil bit more than an hour. Bad to say? She hasn't replied. I asked my cuz & he said I'm overthinking it. What you guys think?


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  • Amz
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    8 years ago
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    Yeah you're over thinking it a little. I mean she could have responded with "no :P" or something like that...

    If she took it seriously or something ... then you don't wanna be with a chick that can't take a serious joke.

    3rd sceniero is that I, myself, don't always respond to every question or text.... so she could have just kinda smiled at the text and didn't think to respond...

    so quit worrying so much about it. you didn't say anything wrong. if she wants to take it personally, then let her take it personally..

  • I think you're overthinking it. She's not going to be replying to your messages each time in a ratio form. ~Grimmy~

  • 8 years ago

    Your cousin is right.

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