Help me with this man?!?

I met this aries man very recently, i am a libra. We started talking and had an instant easy deep connection. We talked all day and all night. We liked each other very much, even started thinking we loved each other. He kept telling me what a positive influence on his life I was and how he's never felt this way about anyone, that it usually takes him time to open up but with me it couldn't be any easier. Last night we hung out and he was so nervous and shy! It was going fine.. He said he was just getting used to hanging out. As we kept talking we came across our feelings for each other when I asked him, are we aiming for something eventually? After I asked him that it seems he shut down. He started saying that this is scary and he's confused and he doesn't know if he feels the same way, that one minute he feels as great about me as before but then the next he gets to thinking and feeling like this happened to fast. By the end of the night he told me I had a great heart but that he's confused and doesn't know if he can feel like he did prior.

Is this typical of aries men? Is there something I should do? As in give him space? My hopes are that he has a little time and misses me an thinks twice.

I'm really upset about the situation.

Thanks for your help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Men, in general, are reluctant to commit. Sorry, we're just wired that way.

    Try not putting labels on anything or asking for him to commit. Asking if if your relationship will become "something eventually" will be interpreted as asking for some kind of guarantee for the future.

    Don't over-think things.. just spend some time together and enjoy it for what it is. If it develops into something deeper that's great but let that happen at its own pace.

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