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Maths equations help please?

Answers and working out please! :)

Solve these equations:

2x + 2 = 27 - 3x

3(x - 2) = -2 (2x +3)

2(3 - x) = 4(3 - 2x)

Cheers for the help xox


Can anyone also answer:

3x - 4 = 2

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    2x + 2 = 27 - 3x

    First add 3x to both sides of the equation


    then subtract 2 from both sides


    Lastly, divide by 5 from both sides


    3(x - 2) = -2 (2x +3)

    First distribute 3 into (3x-2) and distribute -2 into (2x+3) using the distributive property

    3x-6 = -4x-6

    Then, add 4x to both sides

    7x-6 = -6

    Next, add 6 to both sides


    then divide by 7 to both sides, but it will still equal 0


    2(3 - x) = 4(3 - 2x)

    Use the distributive property on both sides of the equation by multiplying the numbers/variables in the parantheses by the number outside the parantheses

    6-2x = 12-8x

    Next, add 8x to both sides

    6+6x = 12

    Next subtract 6 to both sides

    6x = 6

    lastly, divide both sides by 6


    3x-4= 2

    First add 4 to both sides

    3x= 6

    then divide both sides by 3

    x= 2

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    1) x=5

    2x+2=27-3x first - 2 from both sides

    -2x -2x you should get:

    2=27-5x then subtract 27 from both sides

    -27 -27 you should get

    -25=-5x divide both sides by -5

    You should get x=5

    2) x=0

    3(x-2)= -2(2x+3) first distribute (3 to x and 2/ -2 to 2x and 3) you should get:

    3x-6=-4x-6 then subtract 3x from both sides

    -3x -3x you should get:

    -6=-7x-6 then add 6 to both sides

    +6 +6 you should then get:

    0=-7x so x will equal 0

    Now do the same steps with the other two to get these answers:

    3) x=1

    4) x=2

    and for number 3 you will eventually get to

    3) 6x=6 so now divide both sides by 6 and you get x=1

    do the same for 4

    Please choose a best answer.

    Hope this helped :)

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    Put ALL X'S ON one of equation and all whole numbers on the other. 2x +3x = --2 +27 or 5x = 25 so x =5 to move a number from one side of the equation to the other you need to perform the same function to each side. You get rid of -3x by adding +3x,so you add +3x to the other side of the equation. To get rid of +2 you add -2 so you add -2 to the other side of the equation The others are easy. Multiply first, then do the same thing. 3x -6 =-4x-6 Be sure to multiply each member of the parenthesis. Remember like signs give a positive number. Unlike signs a negative. Just do what I did before put the x's on one side 7x = 0 so x=0

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