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Do you see anything wrong with the fact that most of the NFL players are black and most fans are white?

I am not an American, so I am looking at NFL as an outsider. All of the games I watched were black players on 2 opposing teams and white fans cheering them, something just isn't right about this picture. I tried to watch College football this weekend,. Georgia vs Florida, i thought this is it, Georgia must have black fans, well that didn't turn out to be true, 99.9% of Georgia players are black and 99.9% of Georgia fans are white, something has to be done to change this image, either ticket prices has to go down? or black fans has to get a discount?

p.s I am not black myself


Yeah I have never seen that black player/ white fan phenomena in any other country but in U.S, especially NBA and NFL/ When I watch soccer matches in Europe or South America the fans and the players look the same. Maybe its time to bring the ticket prices down, in England a football ticket for the premier league starts at 20pounds

Update 2:

@Dork, well, thank u for proving I am not American.

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    African-Americans for the most part are genetically built to be stronger/faster more athletic therefore most of the players end up yes being african-american.

    White fan base is becasue sadly in america the majority of the population of african americans are not wealthy or even middle class and therefore can not afford to go to a game as prices are expensive. But there are equally as many african americans at home watching the game on TV.

    There is nothing wrong here.

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    I don't see anything wrong with that, if most people who have the skills to play are black, then let them play, and if most people willing and able to buy tickets over a given period of time is white let them watch. About the price discrimination you suggest I don't like it. two wrongs doesn't make a right, and that is why affirmative action is just another form of racism.

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    your a loser. who cares, thats the way it has always been. Georgia also has alot of black fans but they are watching it from homme

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    You're clearly desperate to make it a race thing........

    how about we ban black players......wait, that doesn't work

    how about we ban white fans.......wait, that doesn't work either

    guess the way it is is the best solution

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    theres nuttin wrong about watching a bunch of porch-monkeys beating the hell out of each-other for my amusement

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    Source(s): Thanks for the 2 points. Get a life.
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    I don't pay attention to the color of anyone's skin.. What does it matter... You should take your racist questions somewhere else....

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    So how come your account doesn't come up under another country?

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