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arent republicans who agree that planned parenthood be eliminated and rape babies should be given birth to?

kind of like saying to a woman "oh well look at how you were dressed, you were just ASKING for it (being raped)"

i do not agree with the republican party on these matters, do you?


So cons are saying a girl who has no money and is raped should what... just put it on her credit card? Well that sounds so REASONABLE to a trust fund baby, but not actual humans

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    Not really. Then don't really blame women. They just don't think women are the equal of men and deserve dominion over their own bodies. They believe a woman's place in society is to be a baby factory. It's regrettable what happens to rape victims, but a woman's rights shouldn't override a potential baby's right to life. It could be a boy, after all.

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    Feels like your daughter has said that she does not want to give it up, and that's just right. It measn that she is accepting her responsiblilities. You wouldn't need her to suppose it's just as handy to give a little one away, considering the fact that it isn't. That is whatever that she's going to often have guilt about for the rest of her lifestyles. I additionally do not accept as true with you your self elevating the youngster alone. I feel that she will want your support, yes, however I also feel that she wants to play an energetic role in elevating the child as well. Of couse, she must still be in school and all of that, however she must even be helping with the 3am fedings and changing diapers and all of those other matters that include being a new mother. I have known too many people who had been raised by means of their grandparents seeing that their mom was once young and used to be more or less "excused" from it considering the fact that of their age and i have by no means agreed with that. I am a mother as good, and have one and one on the best way. If this have been both of my children down the street, this may be exactly what i might do.

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    No not at all. Abortion should not be funded by tax payer money because that is a violation of religious freedom. Besides Planned Parenthood is a disgusting organization founded on racist and anti women values. "Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race. The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members

    is to kill it." - Margret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. Women who have an abortion increase their risk of mental health issues by 81%, they increase their risk of breast cancer and most importantly a women is more likely to die in an abortion attempt than in simply giving birth.

    Abortion leaves two people victimized, the women and the child, it is the true war on women and life itself and is an unreasonable answer for the rare rape victims who fall pregnant. Also the majority of the pro life movement are women by the way. Look at two children can you tell me which one was conceived in rape? I think not.

    Conservatives are not women haters, a great deal of us are women and we embrace of femininity, for us only truly medical reasons should a pregnancy be terminated and the lives of both should be fought for.

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    A. No one has called to eliminate it. Just not give federal funds. Just means all those lovely people saying how important it is can pay for it

    B. its not a republican thing, its a pro life thing. There are more pro life people in republican party than dems, but they are in both

    C. As there are people in the democratic party that.are one extreme (partial birth abortions), there are extremes in republican party that don't want any abortions. But for normal peoples sake, its good they are the extreme fractions

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    They already had the egg no matter who provided the sperm. Are you saying that just because the sperm was not invited in, that the egg should be aborted? Republicans are NOT saying Planned Parenthood should be "eliminated". We are saying that we don't want our tax dollar funding it.

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    First of all, nobody is saying that Planned Parenthood be eliminated, we are saying that no federal money should go to Planned Parenthood. So stop lying. Second, saying that all babies should have a chance to live is NOT saying that a woman is asking for rape. Only idiot liberals would think such things.

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    The Obama campaign is going through the political equivalent of the five stages of grief:

    ANGER: Mitt Romney is a baby eating, woman hating, seal clubbing, company killing Nazi vulture capitalist who wants nothing more than to give more benefits to his billionaire friends while the middle class rows his yacht. No way anybody will vote for him. We've so got this in the bag.

    DENIAL: There's no possible way Romney can win. Nate Silver and Intrade say so.

    BARGAINING: Ok, Romney may have won the first debate. And he looked OK in the 2nd and 3rd. And he actually looks like a President. And his running mate knows what state he's in. And he's been over 50% in Gallup for over a week. And we haven't got a prayer of taking back the House. But, if all else fails, just please God let us hold the Senate and we'll still be OK.

    DEPRESSION: OMG, Romney might actually win and the Republicans might take over. Time to start dusting off the resume or start checking bus fares to Canada.

    and on November 7th we'll see how they deal with ACCEPTANCE!!

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    They also believe that women enjoy rape, that it's always the woman's fault and that if a man says it was consensual then it was consensual no matter what the woman says

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    That sounds like a very 1950's thing I read once. You into recycling old magazines Or is that where you get your material, scrounging in old trash heaps?

  • Brian
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    8 years ago

    Since no one is calling for the elimination of Planned Parenthood, no.

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