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How to tell when a Chinese dwarf hamster is in heat?

Any information that you know about this or breeding Chinese dwarfs could you please provide I have a male and a female and when ever I pair them they fight I have my reasons behind why I would like to breed her and I already have great homes for the pups

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    They will fight 3/4 days in the cycle (on average). If they mate on that day, she's in heat.

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    a million) you're incorrect approximately that. men and ladies have such diffused adjustments, it many times does count on the animal itself. the two could nicely be docile, and the two could nicely be apprehensive or aggressive, it relies upon on the place they arrive from and how they're dealt with. 2) No 3) no longer continuously, chinese language dwarfs are no longer the friendliest hamsters over all. If I have been you, i might get it from that distinctive keep because they sound somewhat tame. 4) sounds like it could have been her own experience, yet on no account authentic over all. Any dwarf hamster that's no longer tame could nicely be aggressive, and any dwarf hamster that has been dealt with many times would be a exhilaration to possess. 5) Syrians are by using a good distance calmer and friendlier than any dwarf. 6) same using fact the 1st question? 7) particular :)

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