what is prejudice,discrimination, stereotyping and labeling?

what is prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and labeling need to no them

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    The most common definition of prejudice is to be biased either for or against someone based on which group they belong to. Groups can include but are not limited to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity.

    Discrimination is the act of being prejudiced (biased) and almost always has negative affects. For example, if you dislike gay people in general, you are prejudiced (it also means that you prefer non-gay people, and are biased towards them by being biased against homosexuals). However, if you openly and actively insult or otherwise harm someone who is gay, you are discriminating against them because of their sexual orientation.

    Stereotyping is a way of thinking about a certain group and applying that belief to everyone in that group. For example, the belief that all Canadians like hockey. This simply is not true, but many people from other countries and even from Canada think this. It also works for "feminine" and "masculine" objects and traits, such as the colour pink being "girly" when in fact there are no gender-specific traits that every person of that gender has. Not every woman likes pink, and not every guy likes sports, for example.

    Labelling is to assume a person belongs to a certain group and then stereotype them into that group. For example, if you label someone who is wearing black as a goth, you will assume them to be a depressing and dark-minded person, when in fact they might not be at all. This can lead to prejudice and discrimination. Labelling is basically a combination of all the other three things you have listed in your question, and is the ultimate form of ignorance and assumption.

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    Definition Of Labelling

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    I've always hated them. Unfortunately, some stereotypes pertaining to certain groups of people have SOME (not as in everyone in the group is exactly like that, but that some people are and give it a bad name) truth. I honestly don't know what I'd be classified as, I'd say weirdo lol.

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    what is the definition of non-discrimination ? and could you give examples

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