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How to stop eating for other reasons than hunger?

I do it for one simple reason - it works. Being tired, not getting enough sleep, stress, pain, anxiety, being too cold, anything, really... having something filling to eat helps all and any of that like magic. I do it consciously and deliberately and never regret it later as from my point of view, it's worth it. That's the problem. It is worth it because I don't know of a suitable alternative solution. Food helps me do more, be more productive, positive and, by extension, happy. But there are obvious side effects of eating more than the body directly needs for its function. I recognize that it's potentially harmful and not a viable option in the long run but I never found anything that would work as well and was as readily available as food is. I guess I never got to develop other coping mechanisms. How do I do so now?

Otherwise, my selection of food is actually very healthy most of the time compared to people I know - I just happen to dislike artificial flavors, fatty foods give me a headache, too much sugar hurts my teeth and I can appreciate high quality ingredients, I never gave it any deeper thought, it's just natural for me. But even then, I eat too much and it's starting to show.

How does a normal person deal with difficult circumstances? I mean, I can relax, walk, talk, dance or whatever all I want but it's not as efficient. Do other people just ignore the discomfort? Why do they do so if they don't have to?

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    Comfort eating is very hard habit to break, but important if you want to stay healthy. Drink a cup of herbal tea. It's soothing, especially those with chamomile and/or mint in them. Go for a walk. Read a good book (maybe while drinking the tea). Talk to a friend. Take a nap. Exercise. Wear a sweater or take a hot bath.

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