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I am currently an italian major at a university. I was thinking about what i would like to do for a career, and i decided that i want to teach because i find it enjoyable. I have talked with some of my current professors and they told me that i should major in something else aside from italian cause being solely a professor doesnt cut it financual wise. Now im not looking to be a billionare, but i would like to be financially stable and not have to constantly worry bout what tomirrow will bring. I have thought about a few other majors that i could get that i would find interesting, but being only 20 years old and not having much outside world practice with this kind of thing, i would like yall to let me in on if any of my combinations make any sense together.

So far i have thought of


Business administration

Public relations

Go to law school for international law

Graphic design


Health administration

Feel free to tell me what you think i would appreciate it. Also if you think of anything that would fit good with foreign language, i would be up to hear it. Thanks!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Please leave graphic design and photography alone.

    Thes are "fun" degrees that do not land anyone jobs.

    Graphic design is simply the old art degree but on a computer.

    Employers do not have enough demand to support the multitude of graduates.

    I see you have chosen nothing relating to math and science - where the money is.

  • 4 years ago

    You do not have got to be a whiz and make A's in biology, chemistry, math, etc. To grow to be a nurse. You won't utilize chemistry in nursing. You'll be able to use more biology than whatever. You'll most effective utilize data if going for developed degree (grasp's, PhD). If it can be anything where you're , do nursing; if now not, do anything else. The fundamental factor is to whole a four-year degree. No, you is not going to be "smarter" than individuals who lack a school measure, however you'll be so much mote marketable within the job force. The pleasant thing about nursing is that the areas wherein which you can work or specialize are practically limitless and there will (seemingly) at all times be a need for nurses.

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