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Why is my Chihuahua so mean?

I think it may be his size, because he's really small. I hoped he would get over it though. He didn't. He growls at everyone that approaches us, and he hates other dogs. What can I do to get him to relax?


He is a puppy.

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  • gatita
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    I have been a breeder of Chi's for over 20 years and currently have five "babies". Since they are the smallest of the toy breeds by their sheer size they are fearful of anyone or dog that is larger. The most important thing you can do is socialize him first with people, primarily friends first since they will be more accepting and understanding of his fears and can soothe his anxieties about strangers in general.

    As far as larger dogs introduce him to those that are friendly and do not pose a real danger to him. I suggest a dog park where owners of large dogs will help with socialization. Remember large dogs will not ordinarily be afraid of or attack a small dog. I have successfully raised my Chi's with a chocolate Lab who weighs about 60 lbs. and is very gentle and tolerant of their crawling all over her since they were small puppies. Also, remember Chi's are very territorial about space and in particular their human "moms" and "dads".

    Just be gentle, patient and give him lots of love and understanding. You will never have a more loyal and better friend. Blessings for you and your baby.


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  • Emily
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    This is one of those reasons that it is very important to socialize dogs when they are puppies. For some reason, many people think small dogs do not apply to the same rules as big dogs. They let them get away with nipping, barking, and aggressive behavior, and pass it off for them being small. If he was not properly socialized around other dogs when he was younger (taken to puppy classes or brought to places to meet lots of new dogs and people) he will develop this attitude. So, now you are at the point where you have to fix it. You should seek the help of an in-home trainer to come work with him.

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    If he is a puppy, and behaving like this, then he needs socialising and training, otherwise you are going to have a nightmare on your hands... he may be small, but an aggressive dog can cause problems. If he flies at a bigger dog, he risks getting killed. You need to sort this out, see a dog trainer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Chihuahuas are generall known for being a snappy breed, there are obviously exceptions to that, but I suggest you find somebody with a very relaxed dog that won't attack back but scare him by body language and barking

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  • 8 years ago

    hold him. the only way he will feel bigger is if he is up higher than everyone, haha :)

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