Computer acts as if CTRL is pushed?

I have a major problem with my computer.


My computer seems to think that the CTRL button is pushed all the time, I can barely use it. Every action I use on my computer it does as if the CTRL button is pushed.

I have tried plugging both the keyboard and mouse out but nothing helps (that means that this is isn't caused by the keyboard or mouse). I have also tried sticky buttons but that doesn't help either. I just wish for this problem to be fixed so that I can use my computer as usual. I have also tried updating the drivers for the keyboard but that didn't help either (well obviously, since the problem doesn't lie with the keyboard).

Please help me, I have googled all night but for naught.

Thanks in advance

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    8 years ago
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    Pull up your virtual keyboard, shut down, physically remove the keyboard, and boot it up.

    If the ctrl key is shown pressed on the virtual keyboard, it is a software issue. If the problem is fixed, you need a new keyboard

  • 8 years ago

    To get the onscreen keyboard;

    Click Windows/Start

    type "ease" in the search/run box.

    Select 'Ease of Access Center' from the options

    Click on 'Start On-Screen Keyboard'

    Source(s): Old Geek
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