Need some very good advice regarding a difficult situation with my ex?

I went out with almost the perfect girl for me. From day one we were on the same wave length. It is and was the first time in my life that I've met a person who thinks and do things like me and have similar interests. Yes, I'm not your average guy out there, I do and think quite differently than other people. As much as we were alike, as much we also differ. Which I thought is very a good balance.

After a 5 month relationship, she left me, but we stayed friends and regularly went out for a coffee and watch a movie. After a friendship of 3 months, she broke up the friendship as well. She said, she thinks it is not a good idea for us to be friends, and that I will understand later. After 18 months, I still don't understand. In any case, I took it like a man and moved on. I went on a couple of dates and had two short lived relationships.

The problem is, every time I'm on a date, I compare them to my ex, and I broke up with the 2 girls, because I felt, it is unfair to them to go out with them, if my heart is somewhere else. Everywhere I go, I'm kept being reminded of her.

For i.e. I went into shop, which I've never been to before and never will again, even though it's like around the corner of my work place, the place is a bit dodgy, but this time I had no choice. As I got what I wanted I got a craving for spaghetti and meatballs, so I went to the aisle with the spaghetti. I always buy Fatti's and Moni's spaghetti, and as I took it, the guy working at the shop said I should take the other spaghetti as they are removing these from the shelves. So I took the other spaghetti and went to the till to pay it, and there it is, the name of the spaghetti I bought was her name.

Then there when I was in the mall the other day with a colleague. He wanted to buy his wife something small. He couldn't find anything and on our way back to our car, we passed this small aisle in the mall with a few shops and he said lets go down here quickly. I passed a shop which I thought looks very cool, and as I look at the name of the shop, guess what, the name of the shop contains her name.

So, I can on with a lot of similar examples. It includes, the radio, TV, news papers, story books, clients and new work colleagues and she doesn't have a common name. It's almost as if the universe wants to tell me something.

So far I've been strong, and haven't tried to contact my ex again. Well, I've promised her I will never contact her after she asked me not to call her again. I also feel that the ball is in her court, because she left me. If anything should ever happen again between us, even if it is just a friendship, or a coffee to catch-up, it must come from her. But I know she will never do it, even if she feels she wants to. I know it is maybe for the better.

I want to contact her again, just a hi or so, but I don't know how long I can hold out anymore before I give in and contact her.

What must I do? Anyone who are or were maybe in a similar position as I am?

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  • 8 years ago

    try contacting her and tell her how you feel nd that you cant stop thinkin about her and that u miss her and wondered if guys could be friends and if she says no then try to forget her and move on i hope you guys could be friends again atleast you seme like you really still like her

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