♂ WDYT of these boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

• Adam Gregory "Adam"

• Caleb Joshua "Caleb"

• Gregory Thomas "Greg"

• Jesse Gordon "Jesse"

• Logan Philip "Logan"

• Matthew Casey "Matt"

• Nicholas Adam "Nick"

• Robert Michael "Robert"

• William Connor "Will"

The most detailed answer will get ten points. =)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Adam Gregory - Not too fond of Gregory because to me it just sounds to clunky, but Adam is sleek and rolls off the tounge easily.

    Caleb Joshua - Like Caleb, but Joshua dosen't neccesarily roll of the tounge to me. The shorter Josh does but it wouldn't sound good w/ Caleb.

    Gregory Thomas - Once again not fond of Gregory but it can be saved with a name like Thomas.

    Jesse Gordon - Like Jesse, sounds cool. Gordon sounds clunky like Gregory.

    Logan Philip - Never liked Logan, can't explain why. Philip is OK.

    Matthew Casey - LOVE THIS COMBO!! Especially the Matthew part because of the 'Matt'. Casey has always had a positive association because I know a friendly Casey.

    Nicholas Adam - I LOVE THIS COMBO TOO!! Adam, sleek. Nicholas sounds regal for some reason.

    Robert Michael - I'm sick of the name Michael but Robert is classy.

    William Connor - Was never fond of William but love Connor.

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