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How can I get dyed red hair toffee/honey blonde?

So my hair is currently a very faded red and I'm aware it needs dying however I've found red hair is getting to be too much hassle now, I've only dyed it 3 times (all red) and am naturally blonde. So now I want to dye it to match these toffee blonde extensions http://foxylocksextensions.com/item_56/R…

Only I'm unsure what dye to use I know I need to strip it first but what I don't know what shade dye I'll need. I was considering just taking the easy option and going to the hairdressers but I really can't afford it :L

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    8 years ago
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    use baking soda and rest in the sun

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  • hy
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    4 years ago

    communicate to a expert, get on the telephone and ask them approximately it and what they might do, and what do they supply. possibly, say you will possibly be able to evaluate reserving with them if it helps???. in case you come back to a determination which you like one then decide for a consultation earlier making the appointment, the consultation could be unfastened, they are going to rigidity you to make an appointment then and could act like be responsive to it alls who spent there effective time on you, merely cancel later and say you're very busy or tell them you will e book later on once you have time. They use a shade rinse out therapy, do no longer bleach it! do no longer dye your hair returned to brown! by using fact your hair is already copper brown. i think of you have carried out lots which comprise your hair, you may probable merely use a bleach and then ultimately dye it blonde, it sounds confusing. make beneficial your hair dressers won't attempt and make funds out of the appointment.

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