Anybody know anything about phone lines..ETC?

My friends asked me for help to look up a number that has been sending them creepy messages, so I'm attempting to do that now.

Now I know that I can do a reverse look up on the number and get basic results, unless of course I pay to get the full report, which I'm not going to do.

Can somebody help me with some of the results I'm getting?


Original Service Type: Landline

Zipcode Coverage: 79120, 79189, 79107

Carrier Type: Competitive Access Provider

So I'm a little bit confused. It says that the service provider is Verizon, and the service type is a Landline. Does that mean that its a home phone hooked with the Verizon service? Also this number is texting my friends, I never seen a home phone that can text.

Also, I looked up what a Competitive Access Provider is, but I'm still confused at the definition. Also it gave me 3 different zip codes that have coverage instead of just one. I had the Idea that they are texting them from a Verizon store, but that would make no sense considering it's a landline, I'm also probably way off.

Can anybody help me out? I know I'm not going to find the exact name of the person unless I pay, but can anybody at least tell me what you know about the information I listed? Thanks!

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  • Carl N
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    8 years ago
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    How clear is the word ORIGINAL? It was a landline, it's not now. That's the Competitive word as in CLEC.

    This number has been ported to someone else, probably a cell phone, that's why it can text.

  • 8 years ago

    Verizon also does landline service, and the area codes are showing you the coverage that Verizon has in that city/area. Its not specific to the number texting. And yes, you can text from landlines.

    Source(s): Worked for VW for a year
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