Korean Entertainment Audition Advice?

I've been interested in auditioning for a Korean entertainment company (SM, JYP, Good,etc.), but honestly, I'm not too sure what the best route would be. I'm really not the most familiar with all the companies and their audition requirements. I'm just going to list some of my traits:

I am 15 years old, female.

I am Chinese/Taiwanese American - Many people have said I looked Korean. Usually, that is their first guess.

I am 5ft 3 (around 160cm)

I am a little heavy (140lbs), but I'm in the middle of losing quite a lot. Weight isn't my main worry.

Appearance wise, I'm not too sure. I'm not very confident in this area. Really masculine/tomboy personality, so I don't know much about makeup/skin products.

-My hair has been complemented many times (black,straight, shiny, goes down to my waist, never touched w/ chemicals/irons [because I'm really too lazy to go to a salon or do anything to it])

-My face doesn't any acne (for now). I'm a little tan from not putting on sunscreen.

-My eyes are a little small, but they have double eyelids.

-Wearing braces right now, they will be off very soon.

-Have some scars/scabs on my legs from being a clumsy, but I hope they'll go away soon.

I do sing quite well. Haven't been able to enter in many competitions, however I have sang solos for charities (for earthquakes) and musical productions/talent shows (just in schools.) I have taken many vocal training lessons ever since I was young. Recorded a few songs that were received quite well.

I haven't danced much - just for musicals (doesn't require much talent). Otherwise, I dance when I'm alone, sometimes!!

I play many instruments, if it is a plus. I can play:

-Piano (took lessons as a kid [age 6-10], but now I can play pretty much any song by ear. Play for church services and things like that regularly)

-Violin (still taking lessons [age 9+], I was placed as 1st Violin, 6th Chair for the High School County Orchestra (please note, that I was also a Freshman. I was placed the highest of all my grade in 1st Violin)

-Guitar (taught myself for 2 years. I now play 2 times a week for Church services. Mostly chords, but I'm trying to advance to reading tabs)

-Recorder (haha :P)


I am fluent in English.

I can understand and speak Mandarin, as well (no reading and writing, but I get across speaking conversations very easily.)

I have been studying a little Korean for around 2-3 months. I am completely fine reading/pronouncing it (of course...that's lesson #1), and I understand a little bit (I'll be able to catch words here and there.)

I have been, apart from Korean, learning Spanish, as well. I have been taking classes in school for 2 years now. Spanish is very similar to English, so I'm pretty confident in my skills.

Anything else?

I am a strong student, academically. I am a hard worker. I believe I have a good personality.

Honestly, my parents don't really know that I would like to go into music, but I'll tell them if my opportunity arrives.

At first, I wasn't thinking too much about the entertainment industry. Being Chinese in America, you don't see many opportunities. When I discovered K-POP, I felt that I may have found my place.

I hope that you guys will have some advice for me. Any company that you'd think I'd be good for? Any things I should work on/keep note of? Any tips will be helpful. Thanks!

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    First she has to chose a Entertainment Company. JYP//CUBE//Starship//YG : 25% looks 75% talent. SM entertainment : 80% Looks 20% talent (rumored)

    SM Entertainment Tips.



    [get something to eat, this is going to be long]


    .dress casually, but not too casually

    .smile and be cheerful, but don't be fake

    .don't cake on make up. Put ob the least amount of make up possible

    .prior to the audition, watch other SME stars auditions; see what the all have in common

    .EXERCISE, do 4 sets of 25 reps, run one or two miles twice a week, do snsd work outs(google them). IF you want SNSD yuris body, she does approximently 200-450 sit ups a day. (optional)

    .change your diet, eat 4-5 SMALL meals. Eat healthier foods, if you become a trainee ou basically only eat vegetables. Many Kpop stars use the danish diet system. (optional)

    .Change your hairstyle, make it complement you face. LAYERS : makes your face appear thinner ; BANGS : Cute, very likable in Korea

    .remember, getting into sme is a 1/100 chance


    .Be confident in singing and dancing

    .DONT BE NERVOUS. judges can sense nervousness.

    .dancing tip: turn on the radio and freestyle dance the song on the radio

    .project your voice when You sing

    .dont do anything to your hair prior to the audition (dye)

    .in the audition waiting room, practice like there's no tomorrow.

    .be professional

    .memorize 3 songs, just incase



    -First round-global audition, public and with other people:staff meeting-second round: private audition with superior judges: staff meeting: 50 different angles and photos of you with professional make up and camera:singing with professional microphone:interview with parents and you: staff meeting:the bring you up to soo lee man:TRAINEE



    :do not sass/be rude/refuse to the sme staff

    :TRY to improve, they make you take an improvement test every month

    :listen to the trainers

    :don't complain, they will drop you immediently

    :be secretive about being a trainee and trainer life

    :don't have an open relationship with another trainee or person.


    :don't give sme a bad reputation.

    :They WILL hit you, trainee life is hard. They won't hit you Harley or if you mess up. Usually when you constanly mess up and only a little bump, not a drastic bruise.

    :4//10 trainees usually drop out, 5//10 usually are dropped, 1//10 are usually left training and debut worthy



    'don't get offended by rude comments

    'dont be mean


    'show your AEYGO

    'act cute and be nice to reporters, no JB fiascos

    'don't get nervous



    .Same as SME but you dont have to look as amazing

    .Practice singing a lot, you can pay less attention to your looks

    .Dance as much as you can



    -SME sends you to KENT, a international school and they will teach you korean during your trainee days. A plus is that she knows english which gives you bonus points. Expenses paid

    -CUBE//YG//JYP : I think they send you to an international school but I dont remember the name. Same as SME they will teach you Korean until you can speak it fluently.


    How to chose the correct entertainment company

    :SME -> Beauty, More successful, Stricter, Less of talent, Cute, More rules, supports money, shopping,education, clothes, transportation, dorm

    :JYP -> More of talent, cute, nicer to trainees, Less successful than SME, Supports money,shopping, education, transportation, dorm

    :Cube -> Sister company to JYP, Nicer, Less successful than SME, Supports education,dorm, transportation

    :YG -> Beauty, Nicer, More on talent, supports education, clothes

    :Starship -> Not as successful as other companies, Supports education,money,Clothes, 90% talent 10% Looks


    Yes! Being Asian is a plus

    Your weight needs some work but you height is decent. Don't worry, of you get accepted, the company will put you on a diet. Long legs +thin legs = advantage

    they don't give a FAQ about your academic stuff. So think about this path.

    Instruments don't really help during audition but if ou debut it might be liked by fans


    Questions? Email me at planetariums.com@gmail.com

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    Korean Audition

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    1. Age doesnt matter for YG. Sandara and Park Bom debuted at age 25 and 26. 2. I think you would have a better chance if you were asian because well, it's a korean company, right? haha. But there are many stars that are not korean now. Like Nickhun from 2PM, he is half Chinese and Thai i think... 3. I think they would let you. I mean if you're uncomfortable in it they would negotiate right? Hahaha. 4. They'd prefer if you are experienced in singing because they teach you dancing. 5. For YG, practice your vocals and dancing. YG is more R&B and hip hop. JYP is more of strong vocals and powerful dancing. Hope I helped! ^^

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    To learn how to sing better you can find some course online. Try this http://improvesinging.keysolve.net/ it's the best online course! These are the main point to improve to sing better: 1. Breathing 2. Pitching (keeping in tune) 3. Articulation (especially for karaoke, it's important that you sing clearly as you would speak clearly- like remembering to finish words like 'Want' with an accented 't' sound at the end 4. Texturisation (this involves using dynamics in your voice to go louder and softer, more raspy then whispery to paint a textured picture journey along the way of the song!) For you some tips: -Find a song which you can sing before you go. If you could let me know your gender, how good you are at singing, and whether you have a deep or high voice I'll be happy to recommend a few for you -Take DEEP breaths during breaks in the song. Use any gaps to take in as much air as possible. Air is your bullets, your voice is your gun. ill the gun with the biggest, baddest bullets for best effects. But don't breath into the microphone! -Don't get too drunk before you sing- even if nervous. If you stay sober, bear in mind you'll sound better anyway because other people might be under the influence! -Make sure you use your WHOLE mouth to make the words sound clear. Don't mumble through tight lips. Practice making 'oooh' sounds and 'aaah' sounds and 'eeee' sounds into a mirror. See what your mouth wants to do instinctively. -Practice, Practice, Practice before the event so you'll know the song inside out. Don't get cocky though- you're nerves might throw you a bit so always keep an eye on the screen. Karaoke tracks might even be written differently to the original! -Have fun, and don't take yourself too seriously. People who take themselves seriously at karaoke are never liked as much as people who know they aren't as good, but put in an effort to try their best. It's a case of the underdog winning every time.

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    The moment you started to describe yourself and said you weren't too sure about your appearance, I had to stop reading.

    My first tip to you is to stop worrying about it! Appearance obviously plays a role (because of marketability) and is definitely more important in large scale auditions. However, your confidence in your looks and appearance will definitely show that you have the confidence to hold a stage next to groups like BoA, Wonder Girls. etc. Also, when taking compliments for your looks, since you said you were from the States, think about who the compliments came from. You are going to be living up to /Korean/ appearance standards, not American. It's better if those compliments can from Asians who haven't lived in the States long, and even better if those Asians happen to be Korean.

    Most of the special talents you listed aren't going to matter until you get farther into the company's analysis of you.

    Good luck!

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    Performing with each mailing, did not respond?

    Feel that I have done the best, But still are not picked out??

    Not very young,Do you want to give up the dream?

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    Don't you want to give up your dream?

    Location : Korea FNC Academy

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    How to resister : info@fncglobalcenter.com http://www.fncglobalcenter.com/cn/main/main.php

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