Immigration to Canada!?

Is it easier to immigrate to Canada (Ontario or British Columbia) as a skilled worker or study in Canada until you graduate and get a job?

Any answer would help me a lot! THANK YOU!

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    No one can answer that for you. We don't know you, your abilities, skills, financial situation, etc.

    Going the experience class route... a four year university degree in Canada will likely cost you upwards of $160,000. Engineering or nursing considerably more. And medical school (if they have seats for foreign students) well in excess of that. Most young people don't have the kind of money. You also need to be accepted into a university and into specific programs which qualify under the experience class -- all higher-end degrees. Numbers of seats are typically limited in those programs and competition is usually extremely fierce. You then have to graduate. Finally upon graduation you have to find at least one year's work experience in within two years. That may not be easy for many graduates -- especially as you are usually low on experience.

    Skills workers have the advantage that you can obtain a degree in your home country which is usually a lot more affordable and usually easier to get into school than in Canada. You can also take as much time as you need looking for a job. The disadvantages are that you are limited to those employers and professions who are so desperate for workers that they are going to go through all the time and effort to get permission to hire foreign workers. This is a tiny number of jobs and you are completing with a lot of other people. You then need 67 points based on language, age, education, etc. and only the top 10,000 applications are accepted. It is also a five year wait even once you find a job offer. It is also not currently accepting applications until 2013 and will likely have ever stricker requirements when it starts up again.

    Which is easier is rarely a valid question. Typically the experience class is not possible to most people as they don't have that kind of money or marks to get into a Canadian university program. If you have that kind of money... sure it is easier. It would also be easier to get in under the investor class -- all you need is $1.6M -- or the family class -- just marry a Canadian.

    No option is "easier". Each category will have a requirement that most people can never meet. You are the only person that can say whether it is possible for you to meet a certain requirement.

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    well that depends on what you mean by easier. If you mean time wise - then your best bet is to apply as a skilled worker - because those applications are usually processed within 2 years.

    BUT right now there are NO NEW skilled worker applications being processed. The skills in demand list is being re-organised and your current skilled job may not even be eligible next year when the new list gets posted.

    If you apply as a student, then it takes a minimum of 6 years - maybe more. That's 4 years for the degree, 1 year on a post graduate work permit to get the required Canadian experience and then 1 years while you apply for PR and wait for it to be processed.

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